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Do you feel stuck in the career search process or in your current role?

Good news:
You’re not alone,
and many people feel the exact same way.

Even better news:
You can change your circumstances.

My name is Courtney

I’m here to tell you that if you are struggling to get excited about what you do for a living, you have options

My specialty is working with ambitious and hard working senior-level female professionals that are looking for their next leadership role.

With my years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, I’ve gained a good understanding about what employers are looking for and how you can start maximizing your strategies today. I partner with my clients to go from feeling stagnant to empowered and inspired in their career!

“I wish we connected earlier” is a very common response I receive.

Start gaining useful insight today.
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The Pursuit of Career Success Podcast is designed for the driven and hard working professional looking to maximize their career search strategies, transition or pivot roles or simply needs a dose of career inspiration. View more information and listen to episodes on the podcast page here.


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